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Founded in 1953, Thung Hua Sinn started out as a modest letter-press printing company in the heart of Bangkok. Over the past few decades, we have grown to become one of the largest print & packaging manufacturers in South East Asia.

Since the early years of Thung Hua Sinn Group our management's vision has always been to be the leading print & packaging solutions provider. Today Thung Hua Sinn Group comprises of 6 companies, each specializing in various methods of printing such as offset, flexography, gravure, and digital printing. We have integrated state-of-the-art equipment and technology in our facilities, from Pre-Press, Press Production and Post Press, to meet the consistently increasing demands of the industry. Our packaging products can be found ubiquitously throughout Thailand and in many other parts of the world.

As Thung Hua Sinn Group passed the 60th birthday milestone, we continue to make drastic efforts to accelerate our growth by investing extensively in both people and technology to enrich our products, market and customer service capabilities. Whilst continues to maintain its core values by placing the strongest emphasis on ethics, social obligations, and social responsibilities. With the right combination of the aforementioned, we hope to create a sustainable business model, which will propel us to achieve the reputation of being the industry's leader in innovation and quality. These values are what we strive to ingrain in our culture to keep us progressing into the future.


The Leading Label Provider in South East Asia

Thung Hua Sinn Co., Ltd., established in 1953, focused mainly on the paper label and commercial printing business. Our strong position in the industry makes Thung Hua Sinn amongst the most experienced and reliable printing companies in South East Asia. read more


The Leading Print & Packaging provider in South East Asia

Thung Hua Sinn Printing Network Co., Ltd. or TPN has long secured its reputation as a leading printer of folding cartons to the domestic and international market. TPN utilizes conventional and UV offset printing on paperboard, and has capability to handle various converting and finishing options. read more


The Innovative Flexible Packaging Supplier

Established in 1999 as a part of the Thung Hua Sinn Group (est.1953), our vision was to become the leading provider in the field of flexible packaging through utilizing the most sophisticated technology available while focusing on the industry's best practices. TPN FlexPak promises to add a new dimension to the art and business of flexible packaging within our region. Our commitment to excellence in the multiple fields of technology, customer service and human resources ensures we exceed our client's expectations. read more


Leading the Way in Medical Packaging

Established in 2004 as part of the Thung Hua Sinn Group (est.1953), with the objective to provide customers with the best quality Medical Packaging in the region through utilization of the latest technology available and strictly dedicated to following the guidelines of the Medical industry's best practices. TPN Medical Packaging aims to be the market leader in packaging for the medical device manufacturing industry in Asia. read more


The Responsible Food Packaging Provider

TPN FoodPak was established in 2006 to fulfill the Thung Hua Sinn Group (est.1953) customer's needs for a clean environment and processes needed specifically to safely make packaging for food products. We dedicated a portion of our flexible packaging facilities and upgraded it to meet all the strict guidelines of HACCP, GMP and BRC certification. We spared no cost in our flexible food packaging facility to make sure that we deliver the highest quality packaging that meet all food safety standards across the world to our customers. read more


The Next Generation of Printing and Packaging

TPN Packaging Co., Ltd. (TPK) is the newest extension to THS Group. We expanded into the new 20,000 sqm facility in 2014 to support our customers with a more automated and integrated facility, while putting stringent focus on quality, hygiene, food safety, and lowering environmental impact. With this facility, we want to display the experience we have gained over 60 years as one of the leading printed paperboard packaging suppliers in South East Asia. read more

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